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About GAZ Museum

GAZ Museum is a corporate museum of GAZ Group, Russia's largest automotive company. It was established in 1965 and has a great collection unique exhibits telling about the history of Gorky Automobile Plant and Russia's automotive industry and its development as GAZ wrote its name in its history.

Museum Projects

Hobby School for Schoolchildren

For more than 15 years «School of a young local historian and guide» has been working in the Museum of GAZ History for students of secondary school age, who show interest in the Museum Affairs. As part of the training course, the students study museology.

Lectures on GAZ history

Since 2012, the Museum has a lecture hall for university students"Memorable dates in the history of GAZ ." Veterans, who were directly involved into the process of automobile creation, are invited to such kind of meetings. The meetings in the Museum with veterans of war and homefront workers became traditional. Memories of automobile plant workers from the museum collection of the were published in "Society and Power. Russian province ", issued together with the Institute of RussianHistory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Committee for Archives of the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

Publishing projects

Together with the employees of the GAZ Group, the GAZ History Museum carries out publishing projects. In the jubilee year for the Gorky Automobile Plant - 2017 - following editions were produced: "Building Utopia" (author - Richard Cartwright Austin), "AUTObiography " (author - Vladimir Nosakov).

Book about GAZ and its history

The most comprehensive edition of the history of the Gorky Automobile Plant is Alexei Gordin's book “Gorky Automobile Plant.History and modern age.1932-2012 ", which was prepared by the author in close cooperation with the Museum of GAZHistory.

Research projects

The employees of the Museum of GAZ History systematically work in the Nizhny Novgorod archives, one of these studies helped to prepare material for the Memorial Book of Nizhny Novgorod “All for the front! All for the Victory!” about the work of GAZ during the Great Patriotic War. The material introduces readers to the new figures and facts characterizing the Gorky Automobile Plant as an arsenal of military vehicles.


The museum is closed for reconstruction.
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